Megan DeLay


Height: 5'1"            

Weight: 110                  

Hair & Eyes: Brown        

Voice: Legit Soprano C4-              C7 / Belt F3-D5



The Importance of Being Earnest

Dead Writer's Theatre Collective

"Charming with her chirpy Baby Boop girl’s voice and merry mince is Megan DeLay, pertly puncturing fatuities as the minx Cecily.  No question, this capricious airhead is a credible and comparatively complex creation."

Stage and Cinema, July 2, 2016/ Lawrence Bommer

"Megan DeLay is everything Jack Worthing’s ward should be.  As Cecily, the actress is pretty, perky and a little punchy, radiating a penchant for romance and a hunger for adventure.  Manipulating everyone around her, Ms. DeLay isn’t about to be overshadowed or threatened by anybody, least of all by her new best friend, Gwendolyn. 

The courteous, very civilized tea party scene between Ms. DeLay and Ms. Looney in Act II stands out as one of the highlights of this production."

Chicago Theatre Review, July 4, 2016/ Colin Douglas

"Enter Megan DeLay and Maeghan Looney as Cecily and Gwendolen, and you will wonder how you’ve gotten this far without seeing such skillful comediennes decimate each other and the men who love them."

Theatre By Numbers, July 5, 2016/ Sean Margaret Wagner

"Maeghan Looney (Gwendolen) and Megan DeLay (Cecily) give one another the gift of allowing their performances to be wonderfully co-dependent. DeLay's unapologetically broad, wide-eyed portrayal of Cecily is deftly balanced by Looney's cool, reserved woman-about-town demeanor that's every bit as absurd in its own way."

Edge Media Network, July 2, 2016/ Christine Malcom

"A round-eyed ward with a cartoon-character voice (Miss Cecily Cardew played by Megan DeLay)...If you think you just aren’t the type of theater goer who belly laughs I dare you to keep it bottled up when Maeghan Looney’s character does her spot-on imitation of the goofy voice that Megan DeLay uses to bathe her every word to emphasize the vacuity of her character.

The stellar performances of this cast will especially jump out for anyone who has had the pleasure to see them playing different characters in a prior Dead Writers production.  Seeing Megan DeLay play prim and proper Lady Windemere who would know she was such a comedienne extraordinaire?"

Chicago Splash Magazine, July 4, 2016/ Amy Munice

Midnight Cowboy

Lifeline Theatre

"But the really vivid performances belong to supporting cast members—particularly Megan DeLay, Patrick Blashill, Jack Miggins, and Heather Smith—in multiple roles."

Chicago Reader, March 4, 2016/ Tony Adler

"The cast that brings the many characters to life in this ensemble piece are strong...Megan DeLay (a dynamite performer)".

Around the Town Chicago, March 1, 2016/ Alan Bresloff

"The strong, talented supporting cast includes exceptional performances from Megan DeLay..."

BUZZ On Stage, March 2, 2016/ John Adam Newton


Lady Windermere's Fan

Dead Writer's Theatre Collective

"Lovely Megan DeLay is wonderful as Lady Windermere, her character journeying from bliss to indignation and horror and back again to loving admiration."

Chicago Theatre Review, April 26, 2015/ Colin Douglas

"The play breezes through its two hours, with Megan DeLay doing admirable work as the titular Lady Windermere."

New City Stage, April 23, 2015/ Christopher Kidder-Mostrom

"At the core is the fascinating triangle of Riopelle’s mercurial and mercenary Mrs. E., DeLay’s sweet soubrette Lady W, and Fraim’s clueless but never flawless husband, the frailest creature of them all."

Stage and Cinema, April 23, 2015/ Lawrence Bommer

"As Lady Windermere, Megan DeLay combines stern exactitude with desperate insecurity. It is a credit to DeLay’s sympathetic performance that Lady Windermere is only occasionally tiring, and always consistent."

Chicago Critic, April 22, 2015/ Jacob Davis



The Winter's Tale

Promethean Theatre Ensemble

“DeLay certainly captures the strength and craft of one of Shakespeare’s best-defined women.”

Chicago Theatre Review, November 17, 2014/ Ben Kemper

“With the help of the Queen’s protectress Paulina (firebrand Megan DeLay), the accused bastard child is spirited off to safety in Bohemia.”

Stage and Cinema, November 15, 2014/ Lawrence Bommer

“The acting was superb. I was particularly impressed by Megan DeLay who played Paulina. She was incredible. She’s such an articulate person and conveys the very sharp tongue of Paulina well.”

Not Without My Bowler Hat: Online Review, November 18, 2014

“It should be noted that the women in this play are all particularly strong and dominating.”

Chicago Critic, November 22, 2014/ Matthew Worbel



Piccolo Theatre

“The plot of SMASH centers on the millionaire wannabe millionaire Socialist...who, right after his wedding to Henrietta Jansensius (played to perfection by the extremely talented Megan DeLay) informs her that he is leaving her to become a Socialist.”

Showbiz Chicago, September 22, 2014/ James Murray

“Lively performances under Michael D. Graham's direction imbue this trim, intimate production with an engaging sense of screwball whimsy.”

Chicago Reader HIGHLY RECOMMENDED, September 18, 2014/ Albert Williams



Dead Writer's Theatre Collective

“Here, each actor seems to add a nice modern twist to Austen’s penned version including Megan DeLay who gives her Jane Fairfax an injection of Bette Midler.”

Showbiz Chicago, April 26, 2014/ Michael Roberts

“Lorelei Sturm and Megan DeLay are charming as Mrs. Weston and Ms. Fairfax.”

Chicago Stage Standard, April 24, 2014/ David Zak


The Game of Love and Chance

Open Door Rep

“Megan DeLay is a spitfire as Silvia in a role that requires her to rapidly switch moods. Even though her character has plenty to say, DeLay’s face also reveals her emotions. You know that she is smitten the instant that she spies Dorante- who she thinks is actually his servant."

Oak Park Suntimes, January 28, 2014/ Myrna Petlicki

“Silvia (Megan DeLay) is a lovely, well-born young woman of an age at which it’s considered high time to marry her off...The comedy works successfully because of the precision of the ensemble...whimsical costuming, especially several very provocative decollete period gowns for the lovely Miss DeLay...It’s risque and raucous and the cast is charming.”

Wednesday Journal, January 28, 2014/ Doug Deuchler


The Piano Teacher

Banyan Theatre Company

“Megan DeLay portrays a buoyant woman who loved her lessons, but there’s a worried undertone as she struggles to find the words to tell Mrs. K what happened, and DeLay expertly navigates that feeling of awkwardness as Mary realizes she isn’t getting through.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, July 20, 2012/ Jay Handelman

“Megan DeLay portrays Mary Fields, one of Mrs. K’s students, with a perfect balance of pleasantry and concern. She brings a natural believability to the unfolding drama of unspeakable horror that informs the rest of the play.”

The Observer, July 31, 2012/ Paula Atwell


Hamlet Redux

Asolo New Stages

“Megan DeLay is affectionate, touching and tortured as Hamlet’s often confused girlfriend, Ophelia”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, October 7, 2011/ Jay Handelman



Asolo Conservatory

“Megan DeLay shows a lot of gumption and determination as Dorine, who may be the only sound thinker in this house.”

Sarasota Herald-Tribune, April 14, 2011/ Jay Handelman

“The performances are great- especially Megan DeLay as Dorine, the family maid, who functions as a human reality principle. She stands for common sense. Not heresy.”

Critic on the Run, April 13, 2011/ Marty Fugate

“Perspicacious Megan DeLay holds her own onstage as the often-rightfully manipulative maid Dorine.”

Total Theater, April 2011/ Marie Kilker



The Two Gentlemen of Verona

Asolo Conservatory

“The gals, played winningly by cute Megan DeLay...each win our sympathy...we pity poor Julia. We also know she’s come in disguise as Sebastian.”

Total Theater, November 2010/ Marie Kilker


The Last Paving Stone

Denver Children's Theatre

“Trying to save that little bit of Earth from the last paving stone is Ito (Megan DeLay, whose exuberance and fresh charm are irresistible to kids).”

Denver Post, April 15, 2004/ Kyle Wagner


Fiddler on the Roof

Country Dinner Playhouse

“The couple’s estranged daughter, Chava (Megan DeLay), comes to seek her father’s blessing and Tevye refuses to respond, is one of the most moving moments in the play. The three daughters can easily become cloying, but...DeLay...sing well and act charmingly.”

Westword, October 30, 2003/ Juliet Wittman

“...and Megan DeLay are charming and heartbreaking as the eldest daughters.”

Denver Post, September 26, 2003/ John Moore


Anne of Green Gables

CTM, Madison Children's Theatre

“Megan DeLay gives a winning performance as Anne...DeLay is a charming actress with a versatile voice, and she provides solid footing for the entire production...DeLay can do comedy too, and her mock apology to the village gossip, “Oh Mrs. Lynde!” is a musical wink-and-nudge.”

Isthmus: The Daily Page, 2002/ Lue Allen

“DeLay give a wonderful performance in the title role, capturing Anne’s imagination and plucky spirit. She has a sweet, strong voice, and dances beautifully.”

The Madison Capital Times, May 18, 2002/ Debra Nathans

“The red-headed orphan Anne, played by Megan DeLay, isn’t a doe-eyed pushover. Her charm, energy and mile-wide smile...fine singing voice and moxie...the cheerful Anne (and DeLay), who skips through life with a bounce that’s contagious.”

Wisconsin State Journal, May 21, 2002/ Tom Alesia